How to Transfer Text Messages from BlackBerry to iPhone

BlackBerry was once the popular business cellphone for most people, maybe it still is one of the regular working phones in these days. You may happen to get one for job, and with all valuable text messages stored in your BlackBerry. Sometimes you probably would feel like to transfer those SMS from your BlackBerry to another phone, say, an iPhone. And have a view of the messages on iPhone too. Then, for the easiest solution, you may turn to a BlackBerry to iPhone transfer tool. When you try out Phone Transfer, it can at the same time works as a universal phone to phone transfer kit.

Phone Transfer is almost a one-for-all transfer tool of multifunction. It works smoothly to help you transfer data between Android, iPhone, Symbian and BlackBerry. OK, now let’s cut straight to how to transfer SMS from BlackBerry to iPhone. You can also download a Free Trial version for a real-time practice.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Preparation: Backup BlackBerry through BlackBerry® Desktop Software

Install BlackBerry® Desktop Software if you haven’t installed it yet. Then start BlackBerry® Desktop Software, connect your BlackBerry to PC or Mac via USB cable. Click "Back up now" on the primary interface to create a BlackBerry backup file for later usage.

Step 1: Install and start Phone Transfer

According to your computer operating system, Windows or Mac, download the Phone Transfer, then install it onto your PC or Mac. Launch the program by double clicking the Phone Transfer icon. Then select "Restore From Backups".

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC or Mac via USB cable

When well connected, your iPhone will be recognized and your iPhone model will show on the "Destination" windows as the picture below.

Step 3: Transfer SMS from BlackBerry Backup to iPhone

From the left side, click the menu and choose "BlackBerry backup file", then all the backups done by BlackBerry® Desktop Software will be listed below the menu. In the middle we can see two contents available to transfer.

Here we select "Text messages" to transfer only SMS by marking it only. Click "Start Copy" to begin. In seconds, the process will be done, click "OK" to finish.

If you have installed the Phone Transfer and follow the guide step by step, you would have your SMS copied to iPhone now. Try it out now and explore more functions of Phone Transfer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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