How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

Many iPhone users are music lovers. However, they don’t know how to taking advantage of their iPhone for enjoying music though it has the function as a powerful music player. Actually, the music on your computer can be transferred to you iPhone with the help of iPhone Transfer app.

iPhone Transfer is a third-party software which enable the music be transferred among iPhone, iTunes and computer. Moreover, during the transfer process, it can change the form of the music files to the one that is compatible with iPhone automatically. In this way, you can enjoy your music anytime and anywhere.

iPhone Transfer is tailored for iPhone users who want to move music and other data from their computer/iTunes to iPhone. If you happen to have such kind of need, the tutorial underneath will lead you to achieve it.

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Step 1. Link iPhone with your computer

At the very beginning, make sure you choose the right version of iPhone Transfer which is determined by the operating system of your computer. After downloading it, you are required to complete its installation and have it gotten to work. Next, a USB cable is needed to build the connection between you iPhone and your computer. As soon as your iPhone has been detected by the software, you can find its information be showed as the sample underneath.

Step 2. Sync music to iPhone from computer

Here the music management window will come up in the column on the right when you tapping the button "Media" which is located in the column on the opposite side. In this step, you can see the "Add" button which is used to move music to your iPhone on the menu bar. After click it, you are provided two options "Add File" and "Add Folder" to select which form you want your music to be input. Next, you can press open on the window to select the music files you want. The transferred process which conducted by iPhone Transfer will finish in two minutes.

If you want to transfer playlist to your iPhone, the instruction below will do you a favor. You can find the "Playlist" in the column on the left, click it and then followed by "Add" - "Add playlists from Computer". What to do next is navigating to the playlist on your computer which is located in the pop-up window. When all is done, the playlist transfer from computer to iPhone will start at once.

This is the simple operation for transferring music to iPhone from computer. iPhone Transfer has a compatibility with iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS. With its help, you can transfer music between computer and any iPhone. This app underneath is offered to you to download and experience.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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