How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android

For those music lovers, they will be happy to share their songs with their like-minded friends. It may come up a problem: How to transfer lots of songs between iPhone and Android phone? Because of the different systems, it seems not easy to transfer songs between two phones. To make it easy, you can count on the third tool - Phone Transfer, which is your first choice for transferring data between iOS, Android and Symbian phones.

Phone Transfer, which realize your goal to transfer the songs between different phones. Perhaps you have playlists in your iPhone as well, it will copy them while transferring music between iPhone and Android. Within a few clicks, you can successfully convert your files between iPhone and Android, including contacts, messages, call histories/logs, music, photos, videos, apps and more.

If you want to transfer your music right now, don’t hesitate to download the software below. You just need to follow the guide and then you can transfer music from iPhone to Android with ease.

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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android

Note: The following tutorial is about transferring music from iPhone to Android. You can transfer your songs, contacts, photos, etc. between iOS, Android and Symbian phones in the similar steps.

Step 1. Start the Phone Transfer software on your computer

Start the Phone Transfer software after downloading and installing it on your computer. Before transferring, you should ensure the iTunes has installed on your computer. When you see the window as below, choose the mode of "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect two phones to the computer

Now, connect both iPhone and Android phone to the same computer via two USB cable. After connected well, the software will detect their models and automatically put them at the place of "Source" and "Destination". Make sure they are in the right places, if not, click "Flip" button to switch them.

In addition, if you want to clean all the data of Android phone, you can check the bos of "Clear data before copy" at the bottom of "Destination" phone.

Step 3. Transfer songs from iPhone to Android phone

Since you just need to transfer music, you should only tick music in the catalogue. Press "Start Copy" to start transferring. Make sure all the phone are well connected to the computer while transferring. At last, click "OK" after the transference is done.

Note: If you want to transfer other data, you can check and transfer contacts, photos, text messages, etc. as well.

Phone Transfer is a almighty tool, which is compatible with all kinds of devices, like iPhone 5s/5c, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, ect. Now, let’s download the trial version and have a try.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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