How to Get iPad out of Recovery Mode

There is a common situation that a great many iPad users might have confronted with. That is, they have been put under the risk that their iPad may get into the trouble of recovery mode during the update process of upgrading the iOS to iOS 7 and iOS 8. It’s a big deal that you are likely to lose all your iPad data once and for all. Therefore, what becomes an urgent thing for iPad users is to break away from the risk of recovery mode under the circumstances of reset, iOS 8 upgrade or jailbreak.

It’s a shared desire of iPad users that they want to upgrade their iPad without the risk of data loss. You are lucky enough that now your desire can be satisfied by following the simple guide underneath with one tap.  In order to figure out this problem, you should turn to two versions of iPad Data Recovery (Mac and Windows) for help. With their aid, you don’t have to worry about the problem that your iPad may suffer from recovery mode any more. The operations below are quite simple to grasp. Furthermore, you are allowed to get back the lost data of your iPad by following this article.

This time you’ve been given a chance to experience the trial version underneath. Why not download it and have a try.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Now let me introduced this simplest way which can protect your iPad from recovery mode to you.

1. Build the connection between your iPad and PC/Mac and let the iPad Data Recovery program get to work next.

2. If you are window users, you can find the window underneath. You can get your iPad out of recovery mode by clicking the "Restart the device" button.

For Mac users, you can get the window below. After you click the "Restart the device" button, your iPad will be protected from recovery mode.

3. Your iPad will be switched back after the reset several seconds later. It is a simple procedure that you can finish it with only one tap. You even have no need to resort to iTunes or recover. Moreover, this software makes recovery of deleted iPad data possible (including iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, The new iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 1).

Next, let me show you how this program works under the Windows version. These similar steps are suitable for Mac users to recover their iPad data.

How to recover lost data from iPad

Step 1. Scan your iPad data

The screen will show you something like the sample picture below after your iPad switch back. You can click the "Start Scan" button to start the iPad data scanning conducted the software.

If you are a iPad 1 user who want to get a deeper scan, you can select "Advanced Mode". The interface of the program shows as below.

Then,  you are asked to enter the scanning mode so as to scan your iPad according to the guide.

1. Click "Start" button on the interface of the program.
2. Press the "Power" and "Home" buttons together for exactly 10 seconds.
3. After 10 seconds, release the "Power" button, but still keep pressing the "Home" button for another 15 seconds. Then you have successfully got into the scanning mode, and the program will scan your iPad automatically.

Step 2. Check your iPad data in advance and restore them

All the data will be shown in the scan result when the scan is completed. They are in the same form as photo stream, camera roll, contacts, text messages, phone call history etc. You can click the "Recover" button to choose those you need and save them on your computer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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