How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

For the purpose of work, some people may need to buy two phones for themselves. One is for business and the other one is for personal probably. After you bought a new one, you may want to transfer the important data between phones including songs. Or you want to share some music from your Android phone to your friend’s iPhone, you may need to find out a feasible way to save your time. As we all know, songs can make us relax at any time. So, is there an effective way to copy tons of songs from Android phone to iPhone in few minutes? The answer is "Yes".

Phone Transfer is specially designed to help you to solve the above problem. Under the help for it, you can transfer your data between Android and iPhone just in few clicks. The data such as photos, contacts, text messages and more are included. But you should make sure that iTunes are installed on your computer before. Now, let go and get a trial version to transfer music with ease.

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How to Transfer Songs from Android Phone to iPhone

Step 1. Launch the program and select a mode

After you launch the Phone Transfer program on your computer, you will get a main window as follow. Here, you should select a mode. If you want to transfer music from Android to iPhone, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Please use two USB cables to connect the Android phone and iPhone to PC respectively.

Step 2. Connect two phones to the computer

You should connect both of your Android and iPhone to the same computer with two USB cable. After they detected by the program, you will see they placed as "Source" and "Destination" phone. You must make sure that they are in the right place, or you can use the "Flip"button to change their positions.

Step 3. Start the songs transferring

If you want to transfer your songs, you should check Music only. As you can see, you are able to transfer songs, photos, videos, contacts, etc. between two different phones. Choose the data you want and click on "Start Copy" button to begin to transfer all your Android songs to iPhone. When the data transferring completes, just click "OK" button to end it.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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